Case Studies

SBS Global helps a software company to streamline its operations and communications


An Indian IT company, which specializes in ERP software, encountered issues due to the use of multiple applications for communication. As a result, channelizing communication was one hinderance which created confusion in every vertical of the business.


  • Multiple Applications: The use of multiple channels for communication created a communication gap within the company.
  • Integration Challenges: The lack of integration created information silos within the system, making it difficult to track business performance.
  • Lack of Insights: The usage of multiple communication channels resulted in inefficiencies, impeded decision-making, and led to interdependencies within the business.


To address the challenges faced by the IT company, SBS Global implemented the following solutions:

  1. Centralized System: SBS Global implemented Zoho payroll, Zoho people, Zoho inventory Zoho chat with Zoho books, creating a centralized system where everything is linked. This streamlined the company’s communication and hence the operational efficiency, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.
  1. Improved Payroll Management: SBS Global took over the responsibility of managing complex and varied payroll structures across multiple locations and departments.
  1. Better Data Management: The new system has helped the company manage its information more effectively, allowing for better tracking and control.
  1. Improved Communication: The centralized system has improved communication within the company, allowing for faster and more efficient communication among employees.


Our expertise at SBS Global is to understand the client’s requirements thoroughly and provide a customized solution that not only solves the existing problem but helps them grow faster. The same happened with the ERP company.

With the implementation of Zoho payroll, people, inventory, and chat, we created a centralized system that streamlined the company’s operations and provided an efficient and effective way to manage data and communicate with employees. The new system has been serving the company for two years now.

The company has seen a significant improvement and growth which stimulated the extension in work contract with SBS Global.

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