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Your Trusted Partner in Achieving Business Goals through Finance Function Excellence

Established in 2006, SBS Global has been a trusted partner for clients seeking comprehensive solutions in Financial Accounting, Compliance, Company Secretarial, Payroll, and HR domains. With a proven track record serving customers in India, Europe, and the USA, we specialize in stabilizing and optimizing business finance functions.

Our expertise lies in outsourced accounting services, financial accounting advisory services, and outsourced bookkeeping services. We cater to businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to medium and large firms, both domestically and internationally. Backed by a team of finance experts, we provide efficient and effective international finance and accounting services.

At SBS Global, we focus on meeting our clients’ business goals and delivery requirements by leveraging resources, technology, and industry best practices. We have built a strong network of professionals, leading law firms, industry experts, and government agencies to ensure our customers have access to professional advice and support whenever needed.

If you’re a business owner in search of expert tax assistance, look no further than SBS Global. We are the premier financial accounting service provider, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your needs and drive your business forward. Trust us to deliver excellence in finance function management.

We are ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) certified by Indian and UK bodies. 

ICAI, the statutory body overseeing Chartered Accountancy in India, formulates accounting and auditing standards aligned with Indian statutory requirements. SBS Global not only leverages its extensive experience within India, but we diligently adhere to such guidelines and regulations globally, ensuring we meet your diverse financial needs and international practices worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the Finance Function to deliver transformative services in Financial Accounting, Compliance, and Human Resources, unlocking immense value for our clients through optimized processes and strategic guidance.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become the trusted partner of choice for diverse enterprises, harnessing the full potential of the Finance Function to drive sustainable business growth. With expertise in Financial Accounting, Compliance, and HR domains, we empower our clients to thrive and succeed.

Culture at SBS Global

At SBS Global, we embody professionalism and a strong work ethic, taking great pride in our commitment to excellence. Our mission is deeply rooted in our core values, serving as a guiding force in how we serve our clients, collaborate with colleagues and partners, and contribute to our communities.

Our business philosophy is anchored in several key values, including objectivity, independence, collective experience, discipline, personal responsibility, and integrity. These values form the bedrock of our success, and we strive to uphold them in every aspect of our operations.

With an unwavering focus on our core values and a steadfast dedication to our mission, we are devoted to delivering outstanding service and fostering enduring relationships with our clients and partners. We continuously seek opportunities for innovation and growth, and we are committed to making a positive and meaningful impact in the world.

A passionate and inspired team dedicated to realizing our clients' dreams.

Our Team

Director Board

Haridasan Panniamvalli


Haridasan Panniamvalli is a seasoned professional with over three decades of expertise in finance and human resources. As a distinguished Fellow Member of the esteemed Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Hari brings unparalleled knowledge and experience to the table. Hari’s educational background is equally impressive, having acquired degrees from the renowned Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore and the prestigious Global Business School IMD in Lausanne. Throughout his illustrious career, Hari has held pivotal positions such as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for prominent companies, trusted advisor, board member, partner of a leading professional firm, and co-founder of SBS Global. His extensive experience and strategic acumen have cemented his reputation as a highly sought-after business leader and visionary.

S. Sankaran


Sankaran is a adept finance and accounting professional with an extensive career spanning over 35 years. As a distinguished Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, he has attained the highest level of recognition in his field. Having occupied senior management roles in multinational companies, both domestically and internationally, Sankaran has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in tackling intricate financial and accounting complexities. His broad experience positions him as a trusted advisor capable of providing strategic solutions and guiding organizations towards financial success.

Core Team

Arun Kohli

Principal Business Consultant

A Chartered Accountant with a wealth of professional experience in accounting and finance across diverse sectors including manufacturing, renowned audit firms, and expertise in US GAAP and IGAAP reporting, tax matters, audit, corporate governance, and compliance. Possesses strong skills in accounting, reporting, leadership, and driving change. Has collaborated with industry leaders such as EY and Deloitte for audit, tax, and specialized assignments, showcasing professional interaction and collaboration.

Balakumar KB

CFO Partner

A Finance Management Graduate with over 30 years of hands-on experience in management and leadership roles with renowned industry leaders in the Electronics, Durables, and Retail sectors. Additionally, has worked with B2B E-commerce startups and SMBs in the IT and Real Estate sectors as a trusted Finance Business Partner, driving financial growth and success.

Raghuraman Jayaraman

CFO Partner

An accomplished professional with over 35 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant. Commencing his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, he played a pivotal role in setting up their inaugural office in Bangalore. His expertise lies in Internal Audit, Systems, Processes, and Controls, making him a specialist in optimizing organizational efficiency and risk management.

Eswara Kumar

CFO Partner

Eswara Kumar, a Chartered Accountant (ICAI) and Qualified Independent Director (IICA), brings a wealth of expertise in Consulting & Advisory Services. Additionally, he holds the prestigious designation of being a Certified International Taxation Professional of ICAI, further enhancing his capabilities in providing comprehensive financial guidance and support.

Focus on growing your business and leave the accounting tasks to our trusted Finance Function.

Why SBS Global?

One-stop solution for all your Accounting, Compliance, and Staffing

Process Driven: SOPs, SLAs, and best in the industry framework

Technology enabled for all verticals

Customer Centric and Proactive

Quality Oriented

Multi-level review & approval processes to ensure the accuracy and quality of work

Real-time status updates & customer communication

Multi-Platform accounting framework

Our Guiding Principles

Honesty & Integrity

Ethics & Confidentiality

Reliability & Competence

Simplicity & Best Practices

Harmonious Business Relationship

Professionalism & Transparency

Who do we serve?

Global Captive Units

We have forged successful partnerships with renowned global accounting firms, leveraging their expertise to establish robust quality processes and standard operating procedures. These measures ensure smooth client migration, operational stability, and the seamless delivery of outsourced financial accounting services to our international clients.


We offer value-added services in technical and account staffing, HR, compliances, and advisory, catering to the diverse needs of corporates.

Indian Subsidiaries of MNCS

Our team of chartered accountants, experienced CFOs, company secretaries, and management professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive support in managing financial accounting, compliances, payroll, and HR for Indian subsidiaries across various business domains.

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