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Regulatory Compliance and Accounting catch-up for US subsidiary Company


Our client is a leading advisory consulting and systems integration firm, dedicated to empowering businesses to maximize their information assets for optimal business performance. Leveraging cutting-edge industry practices, solution accelerators, and specialized technology competencies, our client enables its clients to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency, superior business scalability, and uncompromising regulatory compliance.

Our client serves a diverse range of industries, including communications, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and life sciences. Their industry-focused practices collaborate seamlessly with their competency groups to address their clients’ most pressing concerns related to process optimization, information management, and data-driven insights.


Huge backlog of bookkeeping and regulatory compliance

The client had a significant backlog of bookkeeping and regulatory compliance tasks to be completed.

A gap in company law compliance

There was a gap in the client's compliance with company law requirements.

Missed registrations and approvals required by regulations

The client had missed some registrations and approvals that were required by regulations.

Approach And Recommendations

Clearing the Backlog:

We worked closely with the client to clear the backlog of bookkeeping and regulatory compliance. We also coordinated with different statutory departments to ensure the client was compliant with all regulations. Our efforts were appreciated by the US parent company.

Gap in Company Law Compliance:

We identified and addressed all gaps in company law compliance to ensure the client was fully compliant.

Regulatory Compliance:

We coordinated with all relevant regulatory departments to obtain necessary registrations and approvals.


We have been working with the client since 2008 and have a direct relationship with both the Indian entity and the US parent company. At SBS Global, we take a holistic approach to transforming financial operations to support long-term objectives and business goals.

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