Building Dynamic Satellite Offices

The Growth Beyond Borders

Creating High-Performing Satellite Offices for superior operational efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage across international markets.

Thrive in India's Booming Satellite Office Market:

Numbers Don't Lie

0 %

World’s Satellite offices/GCC are in India

0 %

Expected growth by 2030

0 %

of the top 100 US Certified Public Accountant (CPA) present in India

0 +

Accounting and Audit professionals


The Impact of a Global Capability Center on Your Business
The Impact of a Global Capability Center on Your Business
SBS Global: Your Trusted Partner for Seamless Satellite Office Launch in India

Empower your Business with a thoughtfully crafted BOT Model

Build – Operate – Transfer

SBS Global leverages a joint partnership for efficient project delivery, gaining a competitive edge.

Your Competitive Edge for Unmatched Support to establish Satellite Offices in India

Data Security

Intercultural Communication

Employee Engagement and Retention Strategy

Intellectual Property Management

Time-Zone Overlapped optimized Service

Quality Management System

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Unlock Efficiency & Cost Savings:

The SBS Global Satellite Office Advantage

Optimize operational efficiency and team performance

Minimize up to 50% of the operational costs

Top notch talent pool of professionals

Highly efficient Infrastructure and technical support

Global reach and 24/7 support.

Scale your services to meet the growing demand

Leverage Our Expertise:

Seamless Satellite Office Setup in India

Our founders’ deep industry knowledge and experience ensure a smooth and successful satellite office setup in India. We navigate diverse regulations and have a proven track record across various sectors, making us the perfect partner for your needs. We offer unwavering support throughout the entire process. Contact us today to unlock the potential of your Indian expansion!

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