Finance Accounting BPO & KPO Services

– Outsourced Financial Accounting

SBS Global provides outsourced Finance and Accounting Services to global customers. We have a specialized team of professionals focusing on the US and European clients to meet their off-shored Accounting Service requirements.
– Back Office Transactions Processing

We at SBS Global have the expertise and capabilities to deliver outsourced processes and provide you the advantages of process efficiencies. We have the required expertise to suggest appropriate methodologies for handling back office processes suitable to client situations.
– Contract Review & Reconciliations

Business organizations, especially large corporates sign numerous business contracts regularly which seldom get critically reviewed from a value realization stand point later on.
– Financial Statements & Reporting

SBS Global professionals help organizations in consolidating their Group entities Financial Statements into single consolidated statement according to provision of applicable GAAP and IFRS.
– Payroll Processing

SBS Global offers Payroll Processing services suited for large, medium and small sized organizations through remote log in ensuring data confidentiality, process control & quality.

Captive Outsourcing

In the current globalized environment, increased competition, rapidly changing technology and constantly evolving markets and customers are realities that all corporates face. Alliances and collaborations help business organizations to grow and prosper. SBS Global Services offers a unique strategic captive outsourcing opportunity for Accounting Firms, Payroll Processing and Taxation Companies, to leverage each others’ strengths and help mutual growth, on a long term basis.